58th Annual Jambalaya Festival

MAY 23, 24, 25, 2025


For more information please contact:
Mike Gonzales, 225-210-6032
Hoss Reine, 225-335-1286

Layne Gautreau, 225-715-3083

For more information please contact:
​Brent Gautreau, 225-485-7875

2024 Mini Pot Champions

Mini Pot Champ of Champs -

Matt Gautreau 

Children's division
1st - Austin Courville
2nd - Grant Elisar 
3rd - Gavin Elisar

Junior's division
1st - Kane Guidry
2nd - Kamile Thacker
3rd - Micah Courville

Woman’s division
1st - Tanil Thacker
2nd - Judy Braud
3rd - Amy Melancon

Men’s division
1st - Adam Gautreau
2nd - Todd Breaux
3rd - Koby Thacker

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Mini Pot Cookoff